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New England Ocean Sciences Education Collaborative  


One Big Ocean


The New England Ocean Science Education Collaborative (NEOSEC) is a collaboration among a range of institutions from across the region, including museums and aquaria, universities, and research institutions.  We recognize that understanding the ocean is integral to comprehending the Earth’s systems and our own life on this planet, and have identified ocean science literacy as a key goal for all of New England.  

Mission and Vision

Our mission and collective purpose are to leverage New England’s extraordinary assets, to engage the public in understanding the vital connections between people and the ocean.  In our vision of the future:

  • Ocean scientists and educators are forging powerful partnerships to create and deliver relevant, exciting products and services that inform the public and may inspire people to pursue careers in ocean science.
  • Easily accessible materials and programs are enabling diverse people of all ages to learn about the ocean.
  • Science centers, schools, teachers, students, and the public seek out our ocean science education products and services.
  • Scientific discoveries are communicated in a way that makes them relevant to people and their understanding of the ocean.


Governance and Infrastructure

NEOSEC is led by a Governing Council of representatives from each member organization, which is responsible for planning, prioritizing, tasking work groups, monitoring progress on activities, and facilitating communication within the region.  The Council, with sitting Chair, Past-Chair, and Chair-Elect, holds periodic conference calls and in-person meetings.  For the present, COSEE-NE serves as the communication hub for NEOSEC, providing an electronic infrastructure (listserv and website) and staffing.


Institutional Commitments

NEOSEC members have agreed to:

  • Promote incorporation of ocean science into their states’ education standards.
  • Commit to adapting organizational efforts to include Ocean Literacy principles and concepts directly as content for new programs or as context for existing ones.
  • Host a Summit to introduce Ocean Literacy to New England teachers, scientists, educators, policymakers, and science and education writers






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